Shetty Ponies
in pairs

Each “pair” of Mini Shetty Ponies is great fun for the very young to the very old. Lead, drive, have fun. Our Shetties in different sizes are easy to care for and fun.

Have fun for little effort and low cost (detailed description).



The Shetty ponies pull the sports carriages powerfully through the national preserve of Lüneburger Heide. The tiny little horses have their own mind and are very funny. The only thing you have to be careful about is that they don’t slip away. Because a bunch of treats or oats must first be fetched for the capture.

Our funny Shettys can be led, groomed, brushed, decorated with flowers or simply driven in carriages.

The ponies are only given in pairs. They are a dream for every child and – we promise – every adult. We always have a “pair of Shettys” at the Christmas table. And you? Are you interested in a big party? Then come and visit the Shettys now!



NamesTiffany & GonzoChristel & Hans-OttoStine & Wilma
PedigreeMini Shetland PonyMini Shetland PonyShetland Pony
BoxStraw, Shavings or pasture with open stableStraw, Shavings or pasture with open stableStraw, Shavings or pasture with open stable
GenderMare / GeldingMare / GeldingMares
Age15 / 1012 / 126 / 11
Size72 / 748591 / 96
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