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We offer customer’s sport and leasure horses for sale, for lease or for rent. All offers are also available during a horse vacation.

Rent a horse:: You want to ride a reliable sport horse during your riding lessons? Our riding school offers quality horses, educated and managed for shows as well. You can ride dressage horses, show jumping horses, equitation horses and leisure horses.

Lease your horse: You have horse experience, you are “late entry” or you are returner? Or do you want to check your horse more carefully before buying it? Enjoy calling a horse your own for a limited time and rent it for 2 to 4 months. Apply for your memorable time, also called horse leasing.

Buy a horse: You have a dream of an own horse? With us at Heinshof your dream comes true. Sport horse or leasure horse, dressage, hunter, equitation and show jumping. We wait for you and introduce your matching horse for shows and/or leasure time.


Show jumping · Dressage · Equitation · Hunter

All levels

Sport horses for advanced and beginners.

Rent, lease or buy your horse now.

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Register for riding lessons or trial riding and get to know your horse personally. You will receive professional advice and memorable moments at Heinshof, Lüneburger Heide National Preserve.

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      Visit us on the farm. Make sure we are there for you and make an appointment with us.

    You want to take lessons first and improve your riding?

    You want to experience what it feels like to have an own horse? Lease a horse for 2-4 months.