Allways winning

If we had the horse of the year, Clausi would have been the undisputed winner from the start to this day. Our most loyal soul on the farm is also one of the most popular rental horses. No surprise.

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How Clausi got his name? You will find out when you are at the Heinshof. Because everyone wants to ride this horse – and have it! At the tender age of 22, Clausi is not for sale. But Clausi is gladly taken for rent in accredited barns. He loves to be ridden, but also very well cared for and cuddled.

A powerful thrust from behind comes from Clausis Sportengine. Clausi is agile and vital, as if he was years younger. He still masters jumping for you at Heinshof in the riding lesson. Dressage and leisure riding are trained in your stable. Clausi loves horseback riding more than anything. Clausi is already a professional when it comes to horse leasing.

The only “little problem”: You need treats to get him from the field. But stealing those is also his only trick. When riding and handling him, he is an absolute pleasure for the amateur, because Clausi is very sweet and kind. Unfortunately, this sport horse is not for sale, but for rent.


phone: +49 4175 808 4616
E-Mail: info [at]


horse´s nameClausi
BoxStraw or shavings
FatherClaudio*s Son
motherD-Keara (from Koenigspark)
height16,3 hands
main disciplineShowjumping
SuccessPlaced in 140m classes
PurposeRent · Leasing
Passnational + international
Life-No.DE42 1000 2280 00

Offer is subject to change without notice and subject to prior rent or lease.

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